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James Wilson
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The first time I worked with Brian Pieters was in 2003. We’ve used him for photography and video many times since and have been through some epic sessions together. He always comes through for us and more importantly our clients. As a creative director and designer who has been in the business for 30 years I’ve worked with a few shooters but the reason that our studio keeps going back to Brian is because he just “gets er’ done”. No hassles, no grief. In my experience his ability to deliver breaks down as follows: a high level of technical competence, commitment to quality, a soupscon of OCD, business skills and fair rates. But wait, there’s more - and that’s the soft skills and qualities that you can’t teach - things like: intelligence, passion, work ethic, humour and last but not least, good taste. Brian has all of that. Finally, his studio is well networked for additional resources like talent, stylists, makeup and weird esoteric pieces of equipment so whether the project is small and straightforward or large and complex he always shows up with the right tools for the job.