System demo via Live Stream Video

Author: Brian Pieters |

Corporate Video Mississauga

There is no doubt that many traditional sales and marketing models and approaches have been severely disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Travel and social distancing restrictions have rendered it impossible for many manufacturers to tour and demonstrate systems and products to  prospective customers.  Live Stream video and video conferencing have become the go to solution to solve many of these challenges and provide companies with a means to connect visually with customers and discuss and demonstrate their products and services.

We were recently approached by a long standing client to provide a solution to provide a live " on the shop floor"  video demonstration of the capabilities of a particular injection molding system during a video conferencing meeting.  This was no small task but with a two man camera crew, director and a head spinning amount of audio and live streaming equipment we were able to develop and provide a highly effective solution.

Our solution enabled a group of engineers, sales team members and customers to connect through a video conferencing platform, view and discuss a sales presentation and seamlessly transition to a live video demonstration on the shop floor.  The two presenters were able to circle the system, discussing and pointing out its capabilities while fielding and responding to questions, live, with the attendees watching in the video conferencing meeting.

This solution is proving highly effective for sales presentations, demos, training and technical problem solving where people cannot get together in a room or space.